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  • 6th Annual NJ GAFE Summit – Fake News

    6th Annual NJ GAFE Summit – Fake News

    Next week, I’ll be attending the 6th annual New Jersey GAFE summit. In addition to facilitating a few workshops, I’m also very honoured to have been invited to deliver the opening keynote at the...

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  • What Kind of (Digital) Citizen?

    What Kind of (Digital) Citizen?

    This post was co-written with Katia Hildebrandt and also appears on her blog. This week (June 5-11) we’ll be hosting a couple of events and activities related to digital citizenship as part of a...

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  • Mario Couros Memorial Bursary

    Mario Couros Memorial Bursary

    Hey everyone – I’m really hoping that you can support the following with your direct contribution or by sharing this far and wide. Back in January of 2013, I initiated a massive open online course...

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  • Developing a Critical Disposition

    Developing a Critical Disposition

    This morning, I received a photo (found below – I added the watermark) from a catfishing victim. She received it from a scammer who had used many of my personal and professional photos to form an...

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  • Are you being catfished?

    Are you being catfished?

    This post was written jointly with Katia Hildebrandt and also appears on her blog. Catfishing schemes, or romance scams, continue to plague social networking services. In fact, the issue has...

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  • Facebook Is Still Broken …

    Facebook Is Still Broken …

    I received this email a few minutes ago (and a few hours after I noticed that my Facebook account was down). For the fourth time, Facebook has disabled my account because the company doesn’t...

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  • Facebook Is About To Make Catfishing Problems Even Worse

    Facebook Is About To Make Catfishing Problems Even Worse

    Over the past week, I’ve had a number of people share articles with me related to Facebook’s testing of a new feature that is purported to alert Facebook users when it finds that someone is...

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  • The Future of Identity Theft

    I’ve written and spoken extensively about my problems with romance scammers, criminals who have used my photos (and the photos of many others) to create fake profiles and trick victims into...

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  • r/NextSpace (Reddit)

    r/NextSpace (Reddit)

    For a number of years, I’ve enjoyed using Reddit as a source for my daily reading. Reddit, often known as “the front page of the Internet,” is often where one can find stories and trends before...

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  • Catfishing Tricks Become More Complex

    Catfishing Tricks Become More Complex

    Yesterday, I received the following Facebook message: I posted this to my Facebook wall when I received it, and it was interesting to hear from several people who felt they might have been fooled...

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  • Continued Catfishing Woes

    Continued Catfishing Woes

    Landing in Regina tonight, I checked my phone to find the following tweets directed at me. From what I was able to understand, it appears that this tweeter has been chatting with a person by the...

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