A reliable guide to online schools and colleges in the USA

June 15, 2015 Tony Bates

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Accredited Schools Online: A Guide to Online Schools

I don’t usually promote any of the many online sites recommending online schools, because they are usually a front for advertising for-profit schools such as University of Phoenix, Walden and Kaplan. Although programs from these more established for-profit schools can be very good and just right for certain people, the web sites promoting them are directing potential students to a very limited range of options.

Accredited Schools Online though is different. It covers almost all the schools, k-12 through college and university, for-profit, private and public, that are offering online courses and programs in the USA, with a brief description of each institution or organization, on a state-by-state basis.

It also covers a range of ‘open’ online program sources such as Coursera, edX, MIT’s OpenCourseWare and the Khan Academy. Its only limitation is that it covers only the USA.

The site offers much more than just a guide to online schools. It has sections on the following:

Accredited schools 2

So if you want a qualification from a school, college or university in the USA, this could be a very useful guide. However, as always, be careful, and when you have chosen a potential school, contact the school directly to make sure you are qualified for entry, are eligible, where appropriate, for financial aid, and can afford the fees and other costs, especially if you are applying from outside the USA.

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