Comment on Comparing xMOOCs and cMOOCs: philosophy and practice by Pat

October 14, 2014 Pat

“no or very light discussion moderation: the extent to which the discussion or comments are moderated varies probably more than any other feature in xMOOCs, but at its most, moderation is directed at all participants rather than to individuals. Because of the very large numbers participating and commenting, moderation of individual comments by the instructor(s) offering the MOOC is impossible. Some instructors offer no moderation whatsoever, so participants rely on other participants to respond to questions or comments. Some instructors ‘sample’ comments and questions, and post comments in response to these. Some instructors use teaching assistants to comb for or identify common areas of concern shared by a number of participants then the instructor or teaching assistants will respond. However, in most cases, participants moderate each other’s comments or questions”

I do wish people would not post stuff like this as a standard. It isn’t impossible, as I know of lecturers (including two I have worked with, and one who I know) who have happily moderated forums on a MOOC.

You should also add Ask Me Anything style threads to the above – so structuring the forum to focus forum activity into areas on which an instructor can focus.

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