Comment on The role of communities of practice in a digital age by Linda Harasim

October 15, 2014 Linda Harasim

“Let’s focus on what really matters and let computers do the rest”. I completely agree and recently presented a paper called: Teachers! Do What Robots Can’t!

What I meant to point out in my previous comment was that computers ARE currently being developed to replace teachers regardless of what we do. Not immediately but soon. ANd I think that we should not joke about it. Perhaps I am just think-skinned at the moment, but I find it tiring and scary to hear teachers put down our field (I am not accusing you of that…). Talk to the public (and even educators) about MOOCs and the rise of AI, and far too many will make remarks like, well ‘we’ll finally get some intelligence in education’.

It is too easy to take pot shots at education and educators; somehow the message being sent to the public by the for-profits and by politicians is that “education is broken” and technology and private enterprise will fix it.

So, just saying to your readers, TOny, that we need to protect the good stuff that education and educators do. Our field is no more broken than engineering or management or banking.

ANd frankly, I have never met a teacher who was as bad at teaching, as the computer.

Thanks for the opportunitties to have these discussions which are so important to our field. More on MOOCs in a few days. Am enjoying your posts for the moment!

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