Comment on The role of communities of practice in a digital age by Linda Harasim

October 12, 2014 Linda Harasim

Tony writes: “if a teacher can be replaced by a computer, he/she should be replaced by a computer.” Hello? Really? wtf?

Add teachers to the endangered professions list that is being racked up by a handful of companies investing in robotization of the workforce, especially Google.

Doctors, surgeons, dentists, reporters, nurses, healthcare staff, writers, cooks, engineers, software developers, chefs, drivers, teachers…

Why should these professions and forms of employment be replaced by robots? Because they can be? Then why do we need a human race, if a handfull of zillionaires are creating machines to replace humans?

And why would we go along? Tony, I think there are times when humans and societies have to say NO! This is clearly such a time.

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