Comment on The strengths and weaknesses of competency-based learning in a digital age by Tony Bates

September 17, 2014 Tony Bates

Great comments, Peter.
I completely agree that there are many possible models of competency-based learning, and perhaps more importantly, there are many different ways to develop skills and competencies. The WGU model then is just one way. Collaborative online learning is another way, especially for developing the more academic or intellectual skills and competencies.
But I think I also mentioned in the chapter that of course competencies can also be developed in a face-to-face or campus environment.
This is one problem of trying to categorize different design models – they are not necessarily mutually exclusive, rarely exist in a ‘pure’ form, and are not dependent on a particular medium or technology. They are just all part of life’s rich pattern!

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Great comment, Rebecca, but just one correction. I probably didn't make...